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I live in the Austin metro, and I'm wondering with all these windows, how do you keep the house from getting super hot? We have to have our blinds down much of the time with that Texas sun beating down on the house.
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I am always curious how much the land, the architect, materials, labor, furniture etc cost the folk who have these homes built or remodeled. I'm sure it's uncool to ask, but it certainly seems as important as all the information and comments.
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Mike Cole
Here's our work in progress gardenroom/ shed. The wife and I built and designed it by ourselves. This is our third year working on it and it has been a blast! It's 200 sq feet, which is the max we can build without a permit. We were lucky to find all the glass and doors for free and designed around those sizes. Last year we added power and this year we added a water system. It's standard 2x6 construction sitting on 10x10 treated beams anchored to ten concrete footers below our frost line. We use it to start flowers in the spring and propagate perenials. I think it's one of those projects that will never truly be done.
Mike and Kathie
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Ginny Knowlden
My husband built the shed for fire wood. He added an over hang and potting bench area for me. There's a salvaged stainless steel sink. It's fin and functional.
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This is really very timely and I should say surprising when I opened my houzz app. Today is the third anniversary of my moms passing and in less than a month the first anniversary of dads passing. I am trying to be intentionally cheerful but grief does have a way of slipping in or hanging out in the background and kind of diminishing the joy. Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year but with the loss of my parents its just difficult to adjust to the new normal without them. I miss them terribly and do find many tasks of the season bring back memories and tears along with them. I am most comforted that I will one day see them and rejoice alongside them. I wish a Merry Christmas to all !
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Thank you for the timely article. It may be difficult for others to hear about this, but loss is a reality any time of the year. It is okay to take care of yourself. I have lost several family members just since August. Wow, I have not even had a chance to breathe in between the bad news. I have already learned to cope with many of these ideas already. Keeping some kind of a routine has helped, and spending time with others who are happily enjoying the holidays without talking about the sadness has also been very helpful. I know it will get easier. Make the most of your Merry Christmas!
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