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Honestly, with this gorgeous collection as inspiration, I'd be happy to live in house full of kitchens.
   2 minutes ago
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Our farmhouse was built in 1900. We rebuilt and expanded our kitchen. We grow our own food and can and freeze our harvest and do a lot of baking. We have a large family and enjoy our dinners together at large farmhouse table. So our dream kitchen needed to have plenty of space.Since we could not afford to contract the project, the entire kitchen became a DYI project for my husband and I. My husband, who had milked cows for 35 years, had never built a cabinet, so he bought books and studied on line how to build cabinets. The original kitchen was an 8 foot wide galley to which we added on 18 more feet.My husband dug the basement, put in block foundation, built floors, walls, windows,doors, steps,roof, wiring, and plumbing, drywall, floor tile. The building inspector was impressed that an amateur DIY had done everything to code and beyond what was required. We wanted lots of cabinets but the cost was too high, so my husband decided to build them. We bought solid oak cabinet doors and etched glass from a salvage yard. My husband built the oak cabinets, entertainment center with electric fireplace, sideboard, and trim. The oak boards used in woodwork and cabinets came from oak trees on our farm. We got huge discount on the appliances since they were floor displays. Our "splurge" was granite countertops, which we got on sale for $39 sq foot. So we ended up with our 730 sq foot dream kitchen for under $25 thousand dollars.
   1 minute ago
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Our planters work very well in the midwest, anywhere in that matter.
   March 5, 2013 at 8:46AM
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My garden is not stirring, it's under a blanket of snow. I know from experience that it's too soon for me to plant seeds, as they need more sun and warmth than they will get on my window sills for another month.
   2 hours ago
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Becky, thank you so much for the heads-up on the fairy tale garden story. I'd missed it but took your advice; read it; and omg, loved it.
3 Likes   14 hours ago
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Lisa Smooth Moves
To answer the floor plan questions -
When you enter the door the sink is straight ahead (you can see the reflection of the door in the sink mirror) the toilet it located to the right of the sink (hence the hanger under the sink) and the shower is to the right of the toilet. The hooks for the towels are on the opposite wall of the toilet. Hopes this helps...
Regarding the comments about water splashing, we have 3 children under 10 years of age, and since their faces are only a foot above the sink when standing on the stool, they don't make nearly the mess my 6'3 husband does! I love this bathroom as a 2nd and agree with all the positive comments about storage.
   1 hour ago
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Oh yeah. My husband and I have the "date night at Lowes"...
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You hit the nail on the head. I am in this place right. Driving myself completely insane obsessing over cabinet styles, colors, tiles....Etc. We are building a modern farmhouse based on inspiration from Houzz photos and stories. We are almost done with framing. I can't wait to be done!!!!
   21 minutes ago
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